BARGAIN QUEEN! Real Techniques bold metals dupe!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 14.26.42

If you saw my February favourites post, here, then you would have seen me talk about these brushes!

Okay so, I have wanted the Real Techniques ones for so so long but I am a uni student & food comes 1st so I wanted a cheaper alternative. When looking through eBay I came across these little beauties,ย they lookย familiar right?!ย So I went for it and got them, & I am so glad that I did. They are amazing, & so so soft. Yes the handle feels cheap because it is plastic but for a fiver for 7 brushes can you really complain. After all the most important part is the brush itself & this is so soft. I compared the feel to a different Real Techniques brush that I have & they are the same on the softness scale.

I cannot recommend these brushes enough, if you wanna buy the real ones, go for it! But if you are a little tight for money get these, because they are very good! I got mine from here, but there are loads of different listing for these brushes.

Let me know if you get them & what you think about them :)!

Dibble -xo

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Let me know what you think! Dibble -xo

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