February favourites!

February favourites
Okay, so I am determined to make this a regular thing! I am just so busy with uni work & it is hard to find time to post on here :(! Well anyway, here goes…


This is a new obsession of mine! If you have not tried it, DO IT! I am such a fussy eater & I hardly ever try new things. I stick to what I know & eat a lot of it. But my flatmate insisted that I tried it. So I did & now I am obsessed. It tastes so so good & I just want to eat it all the time. Its healthy too, maybe not so much when I wanna eat the whole tub, but in small portions it is good! 

iPad Mini 4

I had wanted an iPad for ages but never got one because they are so expensive! So I made up the excuse that I needed one for uni, like how am I meant to make note without one?! So I did it & I ordered the gold one & I am so happy that I did. Yes it was expensive & yes I mainly use it to play tapped out, but it is so handy to have on my. It means I do not have to carry a heavy laptop around with me & I can use it on the train to watch films when I visit back home.


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I do burlesque dancing & when I came to uni I was overjoyed to find a burlesque society. Obviously I joined straight away & I am so happy that I did. I am now Vice President of the society & I love that I am so involved with it. Honestly if/when you go to uni join a society, it is the best way to socialise and make new friends. I love my burlesque family & uni would be boring without them! We are currently planning a show & I am so excited to perform.

How to get away with murder

Netflix is the reason I don’t sleep. It has so many good shows & I just want to watch them all. I had recently finished watching H20, yes reliving my childhood, & I need a new show to watch. This was one of my suggestions & I decided to watch it because my mum loves it. It is so good, I watched the whole season in 3 days, oops. Apparently the 2nd season is way better, so hurry up Netflix & add it to your library.

Make up brushes (bold metals dupe)

Ebay is another addiction of mine & I always find myself looking to see what bargains I can find. One day I came across some make up brushes from China that looked extremely similar to Real Techniques Bold Metal collection. I cannot lie, I have wanted these brushes for so long but haven’t been able to hand over the money for them. But when I found the whole set for about a fiver I could not resist. That is less than £1 per brush!!! If you wanna know more about these brushes let me know, but I have to say they are so so soft, & work really well. I am so glad I got these fake ones & did not pay for the real ones, because I am a bargain queen & do not like paying more than I need to.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know :)!

Dibble -xo

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