BARGAIN ALERT! Everything 5, must have clothing!

Well as you might have guessed by now, I love a good bargain. I’m a bit of a cheapo, working in Primark has done this to me. And anyone who is like me and loves a good bargain needs to get themselves onto Everything 5 Pounds, here.

(Sorry about the crap quality image)

So basically incase you haven’t guessed, EVERYTHING IS 5 POUNDS. Can you really complain about that?! Postage can be a little high sometimes because it is done by weight of your items, but I just got 8 things for £48 including postage, which makes each item £6, common thats still amazing. 

I have ordered from the company a few times so I know that they are reliable. I’ve even had a few surprises, for example, I saw this amazing black maxi dress so just had to get it and when it arrived it had an Asos lable in it! I also got a gorgeous jumper and that had an American branded able in it, I cannot remember whose, and guess what?! The price tag was $36. I could go on and on about different brands I have received such as Topshop and Newlook.

So now you’re probably wondering, how do they do it?! Well, I think that most of the items are end of a line or out of season. But for a £5 I think I can cope with wearing last years playsuit, cause guess what, it still looks good!!! Who cares about what is in and out of trend, if you like something wear it! 

So anyway, you need to get on this website now! But as a warning I will say that maybe over half of the items on it are hideous and you have to have a lot of patience looking through the 1000s of items in stock. But is it worth it? Hell yeah!

(Examples of some of the lovely clothing from the site)

I hope you enjoyed this post and it had encouraged you to take a look and grab a bargain. If you want to see more, give me a follow.

Dibble -xo

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