June favourites!

June favourites
I cannot believe that we are now in June! It is so crazy how time flies. This month I finish my Art course and I turn 19, how crazy is that?! I enjoyed doing a favourites post last month so decided to keep going with this idea, so I hope you like the posts.

Build a bear

This ones a bit different but totally cool so bear, get it ahaha, with me! My friends mum owns a build a bear shop and for her 19th birthday, which was this month too, she had her party there. It was so much fun, there was about 8 of us, and we played pass the parcel and musical chairs. I love my bear, it is so so soft and I just love to cuddle it. It took me so long to choose which bear to choose because I had to cuddle them all to make sure I chose the perfect one!

Del Monte smoothie raspberry £1.50

These are the nicest lollies ever and £1.50 for three of them, can you complain at that? Now it is getting a little bit warmer they are the perfect refreshing treat, but I have to say that they do start to get a little sickly at the end and I can never finish a whole one, but thats just me, I’m weird.

Metallic temporary tattoos £1

I am loving these at the moment and I cannot wait until I have a tan because they will look amazing! I managed to grab mine at a bargain price of a quid from the Range, honestly they sell everything, you must go, but be prepared to spend hours in there. They are so sparkly and I love them. A lot of places sell them over priced for like £5 per sheet, but have a look on eBay and you can find them for a £1 per sheet. If you don’t trust eBay take a look around Primark because I know the store that I work at has been selling them and I think they were £1.50 a sheet.

Burlesque Bible £6.99

So I have recently discovered this little gem of a magazine. It’s “the international magazine for everything burlesque” and it is amazing! I have a fond liking to the subject, so as you can imagine when I found out there was a magazine I just had to get my hands on it. You can buy it from their website, here, and I know you will not regret it! It comes out 3 or 4 times a year and is packed full of burlesque stories, interviews, hints and tips. I currently own 5 issues and will be ordering some more when I get paid, did I mention previous issues are available to order on the site too. If anyone sees Issue 4 for sale on eBay or something please let me know because I need to get my hands on it!!!

So thats my favourites for this month, what are yours? I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to the next one, please gimme a follow if you liked what you have read.

Dibble -xo

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