Make Up Revolution Lipstick Haul

Recently Superdrug have had an offer on make up, which was 3 for 2 and you got a free make up bag as well. So of course I had to spend money on make up that I did not need. I wanted to take full advantage of this offer and ended up spending more money than I should have, but it is free delivery if you spend over £10 so I had to really. In my make up haul I chose some Make Up Revolution lipsticks and some other random bits and bobs.



The 3 lipsticks I purchased only came to £4, which is an absolute steal! I love how cheap Make Up Revolution is, it allows me to try colours that I normally wouldn’t go for, without breaking the bank.


Salvation Velvet Lacquer: Depravity £3

The first of the products that caught my eye was a lip lacquer in an intense purple shade. I love this colour and how pigmented it is. In the swatch above I have only used one coat and it is so close to full coverage. When wearing this on my lips it does stay on for quite a while, but the only down side is that when it starts to come off it goes quite patchy, I think this is due to it being a matte shade. So if you are going to wear this I would keep the tube handy so that you can top it up when you need to!


Amazing Lipstick, Atomic Collection: Magnificent £1

This is my favourite lipstick that I brought and the swatch just does to do it any justice what so ever! It is a beautiful shade of purple and whenever I wear it I get so many compliments, I was told I looked very glamorous. It has small bit of glitter within it so that when you wear it, it catches the light and shimmers. You can wear just one coat for a subtle hint of “glamour” or build it up with a couple of coats to make a statement. I love purple lipsticks so this is highly ranked in my lip collection, plus it only costs a pound which makes me like it even more!


Scandalous Collection: Immoral £1

The last lipstick that I brought was an impulse buy. At the moment I am loving the pastel lip trend and this lipstick is perfect if you are daring enough, not sure if I am quite yet. But for a pound I just had to get it! I have to say that the consistency in this lipstick isn’t as nice as other Make Up Revolution ones I have tried, it goes quite patchy and would need a few layers to build up. I aren’t quite brave enough to wear this lipstick alone so I tend to wear it with a light purple lip liner and I add Mac Pervette, here, on top. By doing this it dulls down the blue and turns it into a shimmery bluey purple shade which is lovely, custom lipstick anybody.

You can buy Make Up Revolution products from Superdrug, here, like I did, or the Make Up Revolution website, here. To see my previous Make Up Revolution post which includes Naked Palette dupes, click here. Will you be joining the Make Up Revolution?!

Dibble -xo
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