May favourites! 

May favourites

I’ve been reading different blogs for a long time now and I always like to read monthly favourites. So I thought I would give it ago myself! Plus it gives me another reason to use Polyvore, which I am addicted to. 

Q & A a day: 5 year diary £10.49

So the first item on my list is a 5 year diary. Basically it asks you a different question each day of the year and then these questions are repeated on a yearly basis. It allows you to see how your answers change or maybe how they stay the same. Normally when I try to write a diary I stop doing it after a few days because I can’t be bothered or don’t know what to write, but this is perfect because you only have space for a few sentences each day so it doesn’t take long at all. I got mine from Amazon, here, and it is certainly something you should consider investing in!

Prison Break (Netflix £5.99 p/m)

About a year ago I decided to have a months free trial on Netflix and have been subscribed to the service ever since! It is such a good site to find new TV shows and films that you wouldn’t normally consider watching. Because of this I always have a TV series that I am watching 24/7, literally I spend hours watching them, even when I’m getting ready in the morning. I’ve seen Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries, but when I had finished these I didn’t know what to watch, so recommended by my dad and grandma I started watching Prison Break. Can I just say that anyone who has not watched this,need to, I am currently on season 4 and without my daily Michael Scofield fix I don’t think I would function properly.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Hydrating Body Lotion

This lotion is my absolute favourite! I personally think that anything Victoria’s Secret smells amazing but this fragrance is the best of the best. It is lovely and thick and is so easy to rub into the skin, it makes you feel silky smooth. But what makes it so good is that the smell last for absolutely ages, I will be sitting in my room and a few hours after applying I will move my arm and I get a whiff of its amazing scent! You can buy it on Ebay but people sell them for crazy prices or you can pop into a store near you. They retail for about £12 on their own but they always have a deal on where you buy 5 for about £30 which makes them £6 each. The deal includes most of their body mists, lotions and washes and every time I go past a store I end up going in and buying some.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich £3

I love love love these and I am always eating them! They are just the right size for a little snack in between meals and they taste so good. You can get these from Sainsbury’s, here, or pop in store, for only £3 for 6 of them which makes them 50p each, how can you say no?!

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick 110 £5.49

This is a lovely summery shade that I absolutely adore. It is a bright coral that is so pigmented, so for under £6 how can you say no? Even though this lipstick is matte it is not drying to the lips at all but if you’re worried about it drying them out just pop a little lip balm on before hand. I would say that this is in my top 3 favourite lipsticks and looks lovely with a simple face of make up. You can buy this from most beauty stores but I got mine from Amazon, here.

Did you enjoy this post? Would you like to find out what my 3 favourite lipstick are? Let me know and feel free to follow and find out what else I have to say.

Dibble -xo

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