Makeup timer test tag


Over all it took me 8 minutes and 15 seconds to complete this look!

  • Primer: 14 seconds
  • Brows: 1 minutes 30 seconds
  • Concealer: 39 seconds
  • Foundation: 47 seconds
  • Powder: 51 seconds
  • Bronzer/Blush: 52 seconds
  • Eyes: 4 minutes 42 seconds
  • Lips: 0 seconds



A while ago I stumbled upon a blog post by Lily Pebbles, linked below, which featured this tag and I thought that it was such a good idea for a post. I was curious about how long it takes me to do my everyday make up and thought I may swell share it with you lot.

The look which is pictured above is an everyday face of make up for myself, sometimes I mix up the eyeshadow, and I was shocked to find out that it only takes me just over 8 minutes to do my make up, I was convinced that it takes me longer. I’m going to put a list of all the products used to create this look, I will include prices of them too, if I can find them! 

Primer: No 7 Airbrush Away Primer £19.50, this is extremely pricey but I am so impressed with it and it lasts for so long.

Brows: E.L.F Eyebrow Kit (Medium, I think) £3.95

Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection (Cool Medium) £4.19, purchased this because I had seen so many blog posts saying good things about it but to be honest I am not really impressed.

Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid (NW13) £21.50

Powder: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light Plus) £22

Bronzer: St Moriz Bronzing Powder (Dark) £4.99, I am pretty sure that I did not pay that much for it.

Blusher: E.L.F Baked Blush (Peachy Cheeky) £3.95, I use this at the top of my cheeks and the bronzer making a curve underneath.

Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Eden) £16, I got 4 free samples of this with my Naked Palette and am finishing this one off, my favourite is Sin.

Urban Decay Naked 3 (Liar & Darkside) £37

Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Booster Mascara £3.99, don’t actually have a go to mascara and picked this up randomly cause it was cheap and the brush looked good, but it is actually amazing and will be buying again!


If you decide to do a version of this tag comment below so that I can check it out! If you would like a more in-depth review of the products I use daily please comment below and also let me know what you think and if I should do more posts like this! If you enjoyed this post check out my others and follow me 🙂

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