Sorry! Busy blogger update.

I’ve been so busy for the past couple of weeks that the poor old blog has been neglected,  oopsy. So I thought I’d write a small post updating you all and letting you know that I’m still here!


Firstly I had such and amazing time in Magaluf, it is honestly not as bad as it is made out to be and I will deffo be making another appearance down the strip. The hotel was probably meant to be minus 3 stars but that just gave us an excuse to stay out later!

Secondly, I HAVE PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! Yay me. It has taken me almost exactly a year to pass and I am so so happy that it has now happened. I may or may not have failed my test the other month for speeding. But I can now drive Sparky and that makes me a happy bunny. Sparky is the name of my car…

And finally, last weekend I went on the Coronation Street tour and it was the best thing ever!! I have watched corrie religiously, along with other soaps,  ever since I was very little purely because my dad does the same. It was honestly crazy standing on the same set which is where a program I have grown to love is filmed. It was almost as if I had been there before!




I read all comments posted on my blog 🙂 thanks for taking a look and follow if you wanna see more.

Dibble -xo

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