Been so spoilt this year! 18th birthday celebrations.

I said I would do a quick post on my presents and I thought I’d give you a little update on what I did on my actual birthday!



So as you may know on Thursday I was 18, I know finally an adult, most excited about getting a nectar card! Anyway! Below is a photograph of most of my presents.


I got loads of things including cocktail mixers, eyelashes, chocolate/sweets, ipod speaker and ipod!


I have wanted an ipod classic for ages and when I saw that my boyfriend had got me one I was so so excited, may or may not have shed a tear. Because of this I am currently updating my itunes because I have not used it for a good 3 years! Other presents I had included a holiday to Magaluf,  a day out to York, a flying lesson, money and my favourite A SLUSH PUPPY MAKER!

On Thursday I went out for a lovely meal at a chinese restaurant near my house and I ate so much. The lovely woman also gave me some earrings which was really sweet of her. I wanted to show you a picture of my brilliant cake, the layers were different flavours, chocolate and lemon, mmmmmmm. It is burlesque themed because my hobby is to burlesque dance!


The next day myself and my friends went to Manchester on a party bus and got vip in Tiger Tiger, which is a really big club and it was so much fun.



I have had such a good birthday and I am blessed to have such brilliant friends and family! Same thing next year?

Dibble -xo

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