Make Up Revolution Mini Haul!

So for my first post I wanted to do a haul! Because I know that whenever I want to try a new product I always seem to find myself searching the internet for haul posts or videos, which are very useful full of hints and tips for new, upcoming products and brands!

Make Up Revolution is a fairly new brand which established in March this year! They currently have over 300 products, starting from only £1. So as you can imagine it was very hard to narrow down what I was going to buy, because I am meant to be saving my pennies. You can join the revolution and purchase their products via their website…

Or via the Superdrug website…
I am pretty sure that soon, unless it already is, their make up will be available to buy at Superdrug stores around you.

So here goes, I apologise in advance if this makes your spending addiction even worse, but who can say no to cheap, good quality make up?

I would also like to apologise for the rubbish quality of my photographs, whilst trying to complete this post my camera has decided to give up on me and stop working, I am very sad about this and that I am going to have to purchase another one!!

all products first imageThis is a photograph of all the products I purchased from their own website. Altogether it came to  £13.95, which is an absolute bargain considering a couple of dupes which I will be discussing further on in this post! And £2.95 of that was delivery! This is the worst quality photo, and they get a little better from now on!

rivarly frontrivalry swatch

Pure Pigments: Rivalry £1

The first product is a loose pigment which is certainly pigmented. I didn’t think that I would like this as much as I do but I was surprised at how pigmented it actually is because of the price. I also thought that I wouldn’t like it because it is a loose powder but I found that it was easier than I expected to apply and looks lovely to wear as an everyday colour or a night time one.

vamp frontvamp topvamp collection swatch

Vamp Collection £2

This collection is a range of lovely dark berry shades. At the moment they have a deal that if you buy the whole collection its buy 2 get the 3rd free, which was lucky because I was tore between buying 100% Vamp and Black Heart. The swatches of these two shades were so similar and I was so close to buying neither until I saw this offer. From left to right the shades are 100% Vamp, Rebel with Cause and Black Heart as you can see 100% Vamp and Black Heart are so similar that I think when you actually wear them you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Despite this they are all lovely and creamy and glide on lovely, don’t press down too hard when applying them because when doing these swatches I snapped one, which I am a little sad about. They are brilliant lipsticks with an even better price tag.

The last items are what I am most excited to tell you all about!! I had noticed that a lot of bloggers were raving about these palettes and now I own them I can see why, They are brilliant dupes of the Naked pallets for a fraction of the price. I only bought two palettes out of the collection because I actually own Naked 3 but from comparing the quality of my palette and these they are pretty much the same.

front iconic 1 iconic pallet 1 close up back of iconic 1

Iconic 1 £4

In case you didn’t guess this is their dupe for Naked 1. The packaging is lovely and modern much like all the other packaging of their products. I have done a swatch on my arm of all the shades so that you can compare them to your own Naked palettes and see how similar they are. You can also see a swatch comparison on…

As you can see the colours are lovely and pigmented, but I found that the matte colours aren’t quite as pigmented as the metallic ones. But I don’t mind this because the metallic are my favourites and you could easily layer the matte ones to make them more obvious.

iconic 2 full iconic 2 close up iconic 2 back

Iconic 2 £4

I think that these palettes are such a steal at only £4 when you can buy a more exclusive version for £37. Would you prefer one for £37 or all three for £16? These eyeshadows can easily be worn day or night, I love that they are more earthy than brightly coloured. A swatch for this Naked 2 dupe can be found below.

iconic 2 swatch

As you have probably guessed I would certainly recommend this new make up brand as they are certainly going to grow more and more popular. They may be cheap but that does not mean that the quality of the make up is rubbish, because it isn’t! I am so happy to have found this brand, not sure my bank account will feel the same, and I wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for blog posts similar to this one. Join the revolution and shop now!

I hope that the bad quality photographs didn’t spoil this posts for you, feel from to share and comment on this post and let me know how you thought it was for a first time blogger.

Dibble -xo

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7 thoughts on “Make Up Revolution Mini Haul!

  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I’ve just replied to it if you want to check out my reply. 🙂
    It looks like you picked some wonderful products! I definitely need to try the Iconic 1 and 2 palettes as I really adore my Iconic 3 palette!

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday


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