BARGAIN ALERT! Real techniques brush sets for under £15!

I absolutely love Real Technique brushes, they are so so soft and not very expensive. These will always be my go to brush, mainly because I have never experienced any hair fall out which is common for a cheap make up brush. I now have the eyeshadow set of brushes, the face brushes and a blush brush.


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It’s my birthday next week and I’m rather excited. This weekend my dads taking me to blackpool and we’ve got lots of exciting things planned, such as seeing Funny Girls the drag show! I’m sure I’ll take loads of photos, so I’ll share them with you guys and also do a post about what I did to celebrate my birthday.

Follow me to keep updated with my week and a half birthday celebrations!! Did I mention that I’m gonna be 18, finally an adult!!

Dibble xo

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Make Up Revolution Mini Haul!

So for my first post I wanted to do a haul! Because I know that whenever I want to try a new product I always seem to find myself searching the internet for haul posts or videos, which are very useful full of hints and tips for new, upcoming products and brands!

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